Country Report – Portugal

The Country Report for Portugal covers all translation contracts identified in Portugal during the period 2015-2018 as part of NEC TM White Book 1.
It details the size of the Portuguese public procurement market based on the finding from the national journal (State level, or Level 1), regional level with regional journals/gazattes (the 17 autonomous regions, Level 2) and expenditure at municipal level in the main Portuguese cities and relevant areas (Level 3).

Data used is available in spreadsheet format to aid future research and will be updated with 2019 data.
The data in this first report includes but is not limited to buyers, vendors, amounts, estimated contract value etc. Contract data has been mined from Portuguese government bids and contracts for translation services ranging from 01/01/15 to 2018.

Portugal is a unitary state that includes 18 districts formed by 50 provinces and probably the eldest state in the European Union, dating back to the 900’s. There are also two autonomous communities (Azores and Madeira). Portuguese is the official language throughout the country and is
also the official language in many other countries in South America (Brazil), Africa (Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique), Asia (Macau and East Timor).

Translation Market Size – Portuguese Public Administrations

The NEC TM study considered three administrative divisions in Portugal that possess political, administrative, and financial powers; Level 1: central, Level 2: regional (autonomous communities, i.e. regions and provinces), and Level 3: local (municipalities / city councils). The country’s territorial organisation meant translation contract data must be sourced from national, regional and local gazettes.
● Level 1 contract data was mined from official national gazettes gazettes BASE, DRE and ACINGov.
● Level 2 does not apply in the Portuguese study. No contracts were found which were sourced from a provincial gazette. This is due to the fact that BASE comprises of contracts at national, regional and municipal levels.
● Level 3 contracts were searched in local authorities’ gazettes, such as CM Serpa, for Serpa’s
Town Hall. To find the contracts in the previously mentioned websites, firstly the website was
searched, followed by an advanced Google search.

To complement and expand the search, results were cross-referenced with and other reputable sources, such as language industry intelligence provider Slator, through its RFP Center.

It is not a requirement in Portugal to publish a contract if the value of the contractual price falls under €10,000, this research will be extended to include contracts for 2019 along with data on
unpublished contracts and costs for in house translators that work in public administrations.

In 2015, the National budget for translation contracts was €870,949.49 with a national total expenditure of €860,192.49.
In 2016, the National budget for translation contracts was €929,982.01 with a national total expenditure of €922,482.01
In 2017, the National budget for translation contracts was €1,454,927.29 with a national total expenditure of €1,454,927.29
In 2018, the National budget for translation contracts was €1,300,772.10 with a national total expenditure of €999,610.10

Furthermore, a total of 34 awarded contracts out of 38 framework agreements were located between 2015-2018. These were not primarily translation contracts, but they had translation services as part of the bid (printing services, design, etc.)
We have estimated 4% as the overall expenditure on translation services in the NEC TM study. This means that Portuguese public administrations spent €104,647 (2015), €7,765.48 (2016), €3,407.43 (2017) and €34,864.83 (2018) on translation services that were part of greater supply contracts.

If we include the above and a proportion of interpreting contracts which include translation services, the yearly translation expenditure in Portugal would reach

    • 2015 Value of translation = €949,023.84
    • 2016 Value of translation = €929,032.49
    • 2017 Value of translation = €1,425,165.12
    • 2018 Value of translation = €948,673.33

The overall figure, is reached by adding finding the translation contracts award net fee total in the country and adding 35% of interpreting contracts value total and 4% from framework contracts containing translation

Main contractors of translation services in Portugal

The Portuguese market is very fragmented and contractors are all Portuguese companies. Curiously, some Universities were awarded translation contracts in 2016.
Regular contractors are Multilingualeurope, Ad Verbum Ltd, Kennis Translations S.A, Kennis translations Lda.

Comments on Public Expenditure on Translation Contracts – Portugal

Framework agreements below €10,000.00 that included other services along with translation services were not included within the Report Database. These translation contracts were identified particularly at local levels.

We estimate that translation contracts below €10,000.00 are carried out by public administrations internally, meaning that there is an amount of unaccounted for translation services that could benefit from NEC TM.

The largest areas the Portuguese Public Administrations buy translation services from are Education and Communication, Social Questions. Other important needs, in the last years, include Finance and International Relations.