Country Report – Hungary

The Country Report for Hungary covers all translation contracts identified in Hungary during the period 2015-2018 as part of NEC TM White Book 1.
It details the size of the Hungarian public procurement market based on the finding from the national journal (State level, or Level 1), regional level with regional journals/gazattes (the 17 autonomous regions, Level 2) and expenditure at municipal level in the main Hungarian cities and relevant areas (Level 3).

Data used is available in spreadsheet format to aid future research and will be updated with the latest 2018 and 2019 data.
The data in this first report includes but is not limited to buyers, vendors, amounts, estimated contract value etc. Contract data has been mined from Hungarian government bids and contracts for translation services ranging from 01/01/15 to 2018.

Hungary is a unitary parliamentary republic subdivided into 19 counties plus the capital city of Budapest. Although Hungarian is the official language of the republic, there are 14 minority languages with co-official recognition, usage on a local level and/or protection (Armenian, Boyash, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Greek, Polish, Romani, Romanian, Rusyn, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian).

Translation Market Size – Hungarian Public Administrations

The NEC TM study considered three administrative divisions in Hungary that possess political, administrative, and financial powers; Level 1: central, Level 2: regional (autonomous communities, i.e. regions and provinces), and Level 3: local (municipalities / city councils). The country’s territorial organisation meant translation contract data must be sourced from national, regional and local gazettes. However, no results were obtained about regional or municipal contracts so searches focused on the 2 main sources

To complement and expand the search, results were cross-referenced with and other reputable sources, such as language industry intelligence provider Slator, through its RFP Center.

In 2015, the National budget for translation contracts was €2 million.
In 2016, the National budget for translation contracts was just over €0,3 million.
In 2017, the National budget for translation contracts was €1,55 million.
In 2018, the National budget for translation contracts was €3,3 million.

Figures in this report were originally stated in Hungarian Forints and converted to Euros for clarity.

No framework agreements were located between 2015-2018 (contracts which were issued for other purposes but which included translation services).

Main contractors of translation services in Hungary

The Hungarian market is very granular and many companies win contracts. No company is in the list of top 3 contractors since 2015 and only one multinational (AMPLEXOR) appears in the list (2015).

Comments on Public Expenditure on Translation Contracts – Hungary

The largest areas the Hungarian Public Administrations buy translation services from are Administrative / Legal, Finance and Infrastructure. It is to be noted that a third of the budget in 2016 went to translations on “Religion”.