Dissemination Day in Warsaw

NEC TM will run a national dissemination day in Poland at Europa House on 14th January 2020.

The aims of the dissemination day are

  • to understand the need for a central national translation memory
  • to understand the need for Public Administration data gathering
  • management tools for tmx files generated by national procurement contracts
  • national report being undertaken by the NEC TM Consortium to evaluate the value and size of the Polish translation market
  • national reports from Northern countries to Northern National Anchor Points
  • NEC TM integration with larger initiatives (ELRC-Share)
  • demo of the NEC TM system and how national authorities can apply it for in-house translation and translation contracts

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Download the Agenda here: Agenda_NEC TM Diss. Day_Warsaw_v.2


The European Commission Representation Office in Poland (Warsaw)

Przedstawicielstwo Komisji Europejskiej w Polsce (Warszawa)

Centrum Jasna
ul. Jasna 14/16a
00-041 Warszawa

Link to the Representation Office website and the map: https://ec.europa.eu/poland/about-us/contact_pl

Talks by members of the NEC TM consortium will focus on disseminating the project’s goals and benefits of fully exploiting public administration-generated data.

Project Goals and Objectives

The European Commission’s aims to promote and foster digital economies has made data generated by the public sector increasingly relevant. The NEC TM consortium’s objective is to organise unexploited national bilingual assets generated by public administrations. These language assets can be put to use as open data and general data for machine learning.

What’s more, the NEC TM project aims at providing a national and European free translation memory server that member states can use to store and exploit translation memories produced as a result of public administration contracts. This will lower translation costs at a national level and across the EU.

The consortium is also working on market research, an EU-wide investigation to ascertain the expenditure of outsourced translations by public authorities in each member state. This research will help National Anchor Points understand the current size of public expenditure in translation, and how much could be saved by centralising data and adopting the fast-performing NEC TM database.

The current market research will be presented at the 1-day event in Warsaw, along with presentations on the technical aspects and functionality of the NEC TM translation memory server. The NEC TM dissemination day presents an exciting step towards further centralisation and efficient data sharing across the EU.