Pangeanic met with Maltese Government

Pangeanic met with Maltese Government representatives on 20th of June 2019 to explain the goals of the NEC TM project and machine translation iADAATPA project at the MDIA Center (Malta Digital Innovation Authority).

Attendees were:

Wayne Grixti – Chairman Malta AI Taskforce
Francois Piccione – Member Malta AI Taskforce
Albert Gatt – Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology – University of Malta
Frank Attard – Office of the CIO, Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government
Mark Vella – DGT Language Officer for Maltese (Representation of the European Commission in Malta)
Spiteri Donatienne – Legislation Unit, Office of the Attorney General (Malta)
Alexandre Helle – Pangeanic Research & Development
Amando Estela – Pangeanic CTO

The agenda of the meeting covered the main aspects of the NEC TM project, the current status, available deliverables and a possible action plan to introduce the Action’s technologies at Maltese Public Administration Bodies.

Pangeanic performed a demo about practical usage of NEC TM when used through SDL Trados, but other CAT tools are also available.
Malta representatives showed especially interest in the usage of CAT tools because they don’t have a “professional translation” conscience, they don’t use CAT tools.
They were interested in knowing the Maltese Country Report done by Pangeanic for the NEC TM project. But even they don’t know where to get reliable information to create a Report, and only a small amount of people follow the official procedure.

Maltese representatives showed their interest in NEC through SaaS usage. Pangeanic encouraged them to identify the PA from Malta interested to implement CAT tool + NEC TM, which is one of Pangeanic’s objectives in the project