NECTM engages National Anchor Points at Language Resource Board in Amsterdam

On the 27th and 28 March 2019, members of NECTM joined the 8th LRB Meeting hosted by ELRC’s Language Resource Board in Amsterdam. Talks were given by representatives of the European Commission, such as June Lowery-Kingston, Head of Unit G.3 Accessibility, Multilingualism and Safer Internet; followed by several country report presentations from National Anchor Points. Overall, the meeting revealed invaluable insights into the main challenges of data sharing across member states.

The NECTM team worked to engage National Anchor Points at the meeting, by discussing and sharing knowledge on the benefits of centralising data to aid the development of sustainable data supply chains.

“We are very happy to have engaged National Anchor Points from all over the EU at this event. It has become clear that there is a huge need for language data centralization at national levels and also the tools to manage it.”


A crucial aspect of the NECTM project, is to promote better data-sharing practices; currently, public administrations lack awareness on the benefits of open data and how language, specifically TMs (translation memories), can be capitalised as a resource for AI. The 8th LRB Meeting facilitated the creation of synergies between the different projects across Europe and allowed for the NECTM team to establish further contact and engagement with the National Anchor Points.

“Our project, the National and European Central Translation Memory (NEC TM) offers knowledge about public spending in translation services (the size of the public translation market in each Member State) and also the software for public administrations to manage a central TM. This benefits the teams of translators at public administrations by centralising all  TMs and creating national Big Data. Another advantage is fuzzy matching -an industry
standard- which now the buyer (the Public Administration) can manage.”

– Manuel Herranz Perez, CEO