Unified TM

CAT agnostic

Open Source

Encourages open collaboration

Solid framework

For efficient data sharing

Lower translation costs

Benefit by organising translation resources

Data bridge

For Public Administrations and translation contractors


Enable a Single Digital Market

Promote the flow of translation data (specifically Translation Memories) from translation companies to public administrations

Encourage pan-European Data Sharing

Increase the volumes of parallel data available to the European Commission

Organise Big Data

Organise bilingual Big Data currently that is currently lost in translation companies’ internal translation memories and processes

Maximise Translation Profits

Enable public administrations to fully leverage TMs

Support Translators

Support the work of translators working on public sector texts


Pangeanic specialises in the automation of as many language processes as possible, serving cross-national institutions, multinationals and government agencies all over the world. Notably, Pangeanic developed the DIY self-training platform PangeaMT, which includes data-cleansing and other user-empowerment features with implementations at Sony Europe, Sybase, Veritone, and the US government (IBWC).
Specialises in developing multilingual data technologies, such as custom machine translation and content analytics tools. Tilde boasts expertise in developing language technology services for high-demand applications. Tilde has participated in numerous EU programmes, building language technologies for various scenarios – from government e-services to multilingual financial data analysis and writing for digital media.
The Secretary of State for Digital Progress (SEAD) is the body responsible for promoting the coordination of plans, technological projects and action programmes for the digital transformation of Spain. Among other functions, SEAD is responsible for the implementation of Plan for the Promotion of Language Technologies for Spanish and the co-official langauges of Spain. Moreover, SEAD is also the National Anchor Point of the ELRC initiative.

A renowned industry-focused provider of linguistic solutions enabling companies to reach,
engage and support global clients. Ciklopea’s solutions include translation, localization and consulting in more than 150 language pairs and a strong emphasis in Croatian resources.

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